Saturday, November 13, 2010

Go Spend Some Money

I've got a cake I was going to make tonight, after my girls went to bed. Instead, Dave convinced all of us "to have a sleepover" in the living room. What this really means is that he was exhausted and wanted to go to sleep on the floor and convinced the girls to lay down next to him so they would be quiet. They are now all crashed out in my living room and I have lost all access to light in my house except in my bedroom due to the way our place was built. So cake will be tomorrow!

Instead, I'm going to take a moment and tell you to go spend some money. Now, I don't usually ask people to spend money (I know we all have budgets and they can be tight!) so you may be a little surprised. Don't be. Remember my post about getting good deals on baking supplies (here if you haven't read it yet)? Well, that's coming into play.

The very best time to buy baking supplies is November and December. With all of the holiday baking, everything goes on a massive sale. I'm talking massive. I plan on getting a free bag of flour on Monday and I've been buying baking supplies you may not always think of (like evaporated milk) for cheap too.

If you are a coupon clipper, then start pulling out your coupons. Even if you aren't you may want to check out some awesome online coupon sites that will let you print them out, like, and Also, check out some of the many coupon blogs out there for great deals. My favorite is Money Saving Mom. This site has tons of coupon links and great deals, but it also lists the best weekly sales for most major stores in the country. I always go to her first when it comes to finding good deals on my local grocery stores.

Right now, spend some money to save some money the rest of the year. Buy your baking items on sale now and store them away. I promise, it will be worth it in a couple months when you aren't paying $3-4 for things you can get for under $2 right now.

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