Monday, January 3, 2011


I had about 4 different ideas for baking today, three of which were comfort foods. The fourth one was for french bread, but I didn't make spaghetti for dinner so I didn't need french bread.

The rest, though, didn't get made for an entirely different reason. I let some of my supplies get low and I hadn't realized it. I have 1 egg right now. 1 egg! How on earth did I get only 1 egg??????? I'm low on a few other baking supplies, but this was the big one. Then I realized that my entire cupboard looks empty. I need to real grocery shopping and I have to do it very soon. Probably won't happen tomorrow, because we have enough for one meal, but definitely by Wednesday. A quick glance through the ads gives me an idea of what to shop and where, but I have to do major comparison shopping and do it tomorrow night.

I'm still kicking myself for letting my stuff get so low. Don't do this to yourself! It just adds to your frustration, especially when the weather gets bad. We're having major rain right now in Southern California which is leading to other problems.

Today's big tip: be smart, have a plan and always have a stock for bad weather. Make sure you can survive if you lost power, got snowed in or had some other natural disaster that prevented you from leaving your home. This can save your life. Here are some great links for what you should have for emergencies:

Ready- This is provided by the US Government shows you exactly what you should have in an emergency preparation kit

CDC Emergency Preparation and Planning- This covers both natural disaster prep and prep from major medical problems like anthrax or massive injuries.

FEMA- Yes, the same FEMA that gets trashed in the media at every turn. They actually can do quite a bit of good work if WE ARE PREPARED! FEMA has several different pamphlets you can get to help you with emergency preparations.

So, get your stuff together and I'll get mine. Plus I'll go grocery shopping soon so I can bake!

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