Monday, December 13, 2010

Cookie Day 2010

This picture is just a sliver of what we did on Saturday. Christmas cookies, christmas cookies, christmas cookies!

Here is what we made:

I made peanut butter-chocolate cookies, chocolate cherry cookies, and gingerbread.

Jandy, my mom, made sugar cookies, pecan tassies, m&m cookies, and orange flavored Mexican wedding cookies.

Marsha, my grandmother, made crackle crescents, cinnamon sledges, and one more (I will get you the title later).

Right now my house is in cookie overload!

The recipes you will be getting over the next few days: all of my recipes, orange flavored Mexican wedding cookies, crackle crescents and cinnamon sledges.  If there are any recipes listed above that I don't post (like pecan tassies), leave me a comment below or send me an email here and I'll let you know where the original recipe came from.

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