Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thursday's Tips and Tricks-Honey

Another new addition, we'll cover some awesome kitchen tips and tricks on Thursday, that can make your life slightly less stressful.

Today's tip actually comes from a recipe I made earlier in the week, Granola Bars.

One of the main ingredients in these bars was honey. 2/3 cup to be exact. While honey is healthy and sweet, making it a nice sugar substitute, it is also a pain to get pour out of measuring cups and spoons. Once you've dumped most of the honey, you end up standing there for another 5 minutes waiting for the drizzle to finish.

Which leads us to today's tip and trick. The simple way to save some time when using honey. Before you pour the honey into your measuring cup or spoon, spray the insides of the utensil with non-stick cooking spray. Just a quick spritz should do the job, as long as you get the entire thing (especially important when using a measuring cup). When you do this, it will simply cause the honey to plop right out, no dripping.

Additional Tip/Trick: Spraying the measuring cup/spoon also helps remove shortening and peanut butter quickly and easily.

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