Monday, December 27, 2010

A Very Baking Christmas

So the message that I love to bake and need/want baking stuff made a very big impression this Christmas. While not all of my presents were baking related, most of them were. Which made me a very happy camper! In today's post, I'll share the wonderful stuff I was given specifically for the kitchen.

Of course, the very first thing I got were the mixing bowls. Check out the blog post I already made.

Next, I have 2 things I was given that are cooking related instead of baking related.

The big thing is a pressure cooker, from my aunt. The only time I've ever used a pressure cooker was at her house, but I was very impressed with it there. Plus looking at how quick and easy I can make various things, like cooked beans and rice (two things I need to make regularly and hate to do) this may get used quite a bit in my house!

The little red thing is a meat thermometer. Dave got it for me, stating that this might solve my problem of chronically under cooking meat dishes. Before you shake your head at me, please remember that I suck at cooking and rock at baking, OK?

These three are from my in-laws. Dave told my mother-in-law I needed baking stuff and she went a little crazy. She got me a recipe box (that came with recipe cards already, perfect for me to write down my recipes as I make them!), measuring spoons (they are in the middle and a little hard to see, they get lost in the pattern, sorry!), and measuring cups. I really, really needed measuring spoons so I was especially grateful for those. Missing from this picture (not sure I how I managed to miss them) are two sunflower dish towels.

These two come from my grandparents. On the left, we have my yearly gag gift from my grandpa. It's a gingerbread man spatula! It's very cute! The item on the right is a bar cookie baking pan. Dave was happy because now I can make bar cookies that aren't in a square (or rectangle) baking pan that we have to cut.

This is an apple slicer/corer. I used to have a cheap one my mom picked up for me at a flea market and I used it constantly until it literally gave up and broke. So Dave got me a new one this year, that shouldn't have the handles snap in my hands. He knew how much I loved the other and wanted to replace it. This should mean more apple recipes, since I can quickly get them cored and sliced!

The final present is also from Dave. This was my big present and I AM SO HAPPY! I kid you not, the man did an awesome job this year and deserves husband of the year award (sorry ladies, he's all mine, you can't have him). Here's my last present:

Canisters. Yeah, for many people this sounds completely dumb, but this is so perfect for me. Now I have my baking stuff right at hand instead of up in the cupboard. I filled them up this morning and they now hold: white flour, white sugar, brown sugar, wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder and corn starch. The four taller cans also have a metal spoon on the side making it easier to scoop too, instead of searching for a spoon constantly.

While these were by no means the only things I received (thanks Mom for the GPS! We love it!), these are the stuff that you might actually care about. Did you receive any baking-related stuff for Christmas and if so, what?

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  1. Looks like you hit the jackpot on gifts. I am a new follower. Thank you for the follow. You mentioned you like the progress cards if so make sure to enter the giveaway for your own free set.

    Have a great day.